How Much is My Injury Case Worth?

This is a question that often times we are asked, and usually it is at the first meeting with our clients. I normally sit back and let the perspective client finish asking the question before I begin my lengthy answer. It really is a good opportunity to impress the person with our vast understanding of what lies in front of them. But for our purposes here, it is easy:  It’s impossible to know the value of any claim on day 1, RUN from any attorney who tries to tell you on day 1 the value of your injury case. They are just guessing and you need solid legal representation, not a lawyer pretending to be Nostradamus and trying to guess what the future holds.

Every claim is completely different from every other claim, even if they appear similar at first glance.  Even when two individuals are involved in the same car accident and appear to have common injuries,  there is a very real likelihood that the value of their claims will be different.  We tell our clients that a 1000 factors will come together to help us figure out the value of a case.

3 Key Factors for Determining How Much Your Injury Case is Worth:

  1.  Nature of the injury,
  2. Duration of the injury, and
  3. How the injury affects the persons ability to do daily activities.

But just as important is the liability picture, is it clear or is it going to be contested. A subsequent factor that is paramount is whether or not there is enough insurance coverage available. The greatest case without enough insurance coverage becomes a problem. These are the most important factors but so many more will come into play when trying to figure the value of a claim.

Will there be lost wages? Will there be a return to work in the near term or long term?  Will there be medicals that can be recovered from the responsible party?  Will the injury heal?  Is there scarring?  Do you have an injury that can be objectively verified or are your complaints mostly subjective?  Is your treating doctor qualified to write a strong report on your behalf?  Are you dealing with an insurance company that will offer you fair compensation or do they litigate most of their cases?  If the case needs to go into litigation, are you a likable, strong witness or one attorney try to hide for fear of damaging their own case.

How aggressive is the defense and are they spending the time and making the effort to limit the value of your case?  The list of factors goes on and on.
As can be seen, so many unknown variables will come into play before a value can be attached to a claim. We like to tell our clients, work on healing and getting back to your normal activities and let us do our job and make your case as strong as it can be. When the time is right, we’ll be happy to answer the question – “how much is my injury case is worth”!

So if you are injured, doesn’t matter if its in a car accident, slip and fall or otherwise – you need a skilled, aggressive lawyer who get top dollar results, contact KaplunMarx The Philadelphia Personal Injury Law Firm – Lawyers available 24/7.