One of the most common questions we get as personal injury lawyers is: How much is my car accident case worth? 

This is certainly a fair question to ask, but the reality is no car accident lawyer in Philadelphia can accurately give you the value of your car accident case. The reason is, there are so many factors that need to be looked at before a value for the case can be set – right after a car accident there is no way to be able to reasonably quantify these factors. The next question is always, Whats your best guess for how much my car accident case is worth?


Invariably, the followup is, well your a personal injury law firm, how could you not be able to give me a value? The answer is simple – every car accident case, injury and situation is unique and different.
Let me illustrate by example:

Mr. A is rear-ended by a small car slamming into his SUV, there is minimal damage to Mr. A’s car, but he has had 3 prior back surgeries and his back is killing him. On the other hand, Mr. Z is rear-ended by a large SUV, into his tiny smart car, the damage to the car is immense, but Mr. Z gets medical care for 3 weeks and is completely better. These two examples are on different ends of the spectrum for damage to the vehicles and damage to the people inside – but Mr. A’s car accident case is likely worth significantly more money because of his pain and suffering.

But wait, there is more – every car accident case’s value hinges not only upon the injury, and treatment thereof, but also what type of insurance do you have, limited tort or full tort, and is there an exception to this (i.e. an out of State driver hit you)? And the amount of coverage the person that hit you may have, do they have a State minimum policy? Then we need to access your own policy for Uninsured/Under-insured coverage.   These are just a few of the complex facets to every car accident case that we examine before coming up with a value for your car accident case.

The Takeaway

There is no secret car accident value formula, and any personal injury lawyer who gives you an early ‘ballpark’ figure value of your case is full of it. At best they are guessing a number, and at worst they are outright lying to you. The reason why many (unscrupulous) personal injury lawyers give clients a value, they are trying to lure you into going with their law firm for your car accident case and promising a value that they cannot possibly know (and likely cannot deliver) is a marketing tool for them. So if you have a meeting with a car accident lawyer and they tell you something like “your car accident case is worth at least $$$…” Run, don’t walk out of their office.

Look, at KaplunMarx we are upfront with all of our clients – our reputation is important to us, and leading a client on is not what we do. We will tell you that no personal injury law firm will work harder to get you maximum value for your car accident case – that statement is not a guess, but a fact.