At the peak of the summer riding season, Harley-Davidson is recalling some 66,421 2014 Touring and CVO Touring bikes, due to a motorcycle accident concern. The cause of the recall is a flaw in the design of the brake line for the front wheel, which can become pinched and cause the brake fluid pressure to increase, resulting in the front wheel locking up without warning.

At this point, there have been 5 reported motorcycle accidents attributed to this flaw. So why would Harley-Davidson need to have a huge recall if there is currently such as small number of accidents from the flaw? The answer is that in many states, manufacturers of motorcycles (and other motor vehicles)  can be held strictly liable for injuries caused by a vehicle defect. The manufacturers (and others in the chain of the vehicle’s distribution) can be held liable for such injuries or deaths even if the vehicle had been recalled before the accident occurred. Manufacturers and designers of motorcycles and other motor vehicles have a duty to create vehicles that are crash-worthy and safe for their intended use.

Harley-Davidson has taken a smart, proactive approach in dealing with this flaw, in contacting owners and having the issue addressed. Companies who have knowledge of dangerous flaws in their products, but choose to not let the public know, can face huge liability issues and lose consumer trust (See: Toyota 2009).

When You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A motorcycle accident is one of the most severe types of auto accidents just by the nature of the lack of protection when riding; the importance of motorcycle safety cannot be overstated. If you own one of the models Harley-Davidson has recalled, get to your dealer and have them repair the issue as soon as possible. If you or someone you know is injured in a motorcycle accident – contact the motorcycle accident lawyers at KaplunMarx.

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