On March 31, 2015 an elderly woman hit her gas pedal instead of the brake and crashed through Cindy’s Nail’s a popular salon in Northeast Philadelphia. The woman’s car went traveled through the entire store, tragically killing one person and critically injuring two others. This tragic accident at Cindy’s Nails in Northeast Philadelphia car accident law firm discusses who may be at fault for personal injury and wrongful death.

So it is obvious that the elderly driver is at fault for this car accident, right? Well yes and no – while the elderly woman certainly has culpability in this accident, more information is needed to determine if there are others at fault for this tragic accident. Who else could be at fault for this accident? A number of angles need to be examined before determining whom the victims could bring a personal injury case and wrongful death case against.

Examining Who is at Fault

Examining who is at fault for this, a Philadelphia car accident lawyer needs to look at more than the obvious, digging deeper to determine if  there are other parties who should be held accountable for this tragedy
First, a prudent Philadelphia car accident law firm would have the elderly woman’s vehicle examined thoroughly to determine if there were any defects within the car that could have caused this accident. This would need to be done by an expert in the field, who would examine all service records of that particular make and model of car, and examine any known defects and/or recalls – coming back with a report as to whether there was any fault on the auto-maker.

Second, a Philadelphia car accident law firm would examine the scene of the accident closely. Why? Because the landlord of the strip mall may have avoided their duty to provide a safe environment for the public. Specifically, having grown up in Northeast Philadelphia and having been in this particular strip mall, located at 9800 block of Bustleton Avenue, I can attest that the parking lot is horribly laid-out. The parking lot is literally on top of the store front semi-circle, making it a true hazard to pedestrians and shoppers. An easy fix would have been concrete type pylons to separate the parking lot and the store fronts, but there was none. In my estimation, this type of accident was bound to happen and the strip mall property owner may be liable.

The only positive from the accident at Cindy’s Nails is that it happened at noontime on a Tuesday, and not on a weekend when many women take their children to that salon and others people are doing shopping at that strip mall – which could have resulted in more tragedy.

Understanding that at fault parties may be more than just what is on the surface is an integral part of being a car accident lawyer. Philadelphia residents deserve to have safe places where they can walk, shop and spend their time. The victims and their families will need a Philadelphia car accident lawyer who is willing to do the hard work to determine who can be held at fault for this tragedy. This accident presents a complicated situation where there will likely be claims made for wrongful death, personal injury and property damage – which should be brought against multiple parties to provide the victims appropriate monetary compensation for their damages. Remember to call the Philadelphia car accident law firm at KaplunMarx if you or a loved one is hurt in an automobile accident immediately.