This morning, November 27, 2013, the day before the Thanksgiving holiday, heavy rain played a part in a deadly car accident on I-76.  The 5AM crash on I-76, near Montgomery Drive, caused heavy traffic delays as Montgomery County Police had to perform a full investigation at the scene of the deadly car accident because of the fatality that occurred. According to news reports, the deadly car accident happened when an Audi traveling west on I-76 hit a pool of water, causing the Audi to spin out and hit a concrete barrier;  a Chrysler van with six passengers and driver then slowed down to avoid a collision with the Audi, but a tractor-trailer could not stop and rear-ended the van. This fatal car accident on I-76, was just one of many car accidents throughout Philadelphia area today; as the heavy rain, high winds and treacherous road conditions took their toll on Philadelphia area drivers.

If you or someone you know are involved in a car accident in the Philadelphia area, please remember our 10 key points to Remember Each accident is different as evidenced today, and there can be multiple considerations including possibly a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers, a truck accident and maybe a wrongful death accident – which is why its so important to contact the lawyers at KaplunMarx, PLLC to discuss the particulars of your accident immediately.  As the weather changes, rain, sleet, snow and wind can cause conditions that make driving less than safe; its important for drivers to make safety their priority – remember, we all have loved ones and we at KaplunMarx, PLLC want everyone driving to get home safely!

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