Drivers equate airbags with surviving an automobile accident, but not when they explode like grenades. Generally, airbags are one of the greatest safety innovations implemented in our lifetime. Airbags have saved countless lives and prevented many injuries for people involved in automobile accidents; but that has changed because of a defective airbag manufactured by Takata. Automakers, including Nissan, Honda, Toyota and GM, have implemented an exploding airbags recall including all vehicles fitted with the Takata made airbags, fearing injuries and death, which has now reaching into the millions of vehicles recalls.

  • Whats is the danger? The propellant in the Takata airbag inflators can degrade and cause them to tear loose – blowing what amounts to metal shrapnel into the face and chest of the occupants. The exploding airbag can have the effect of a grenade, which has been attributed to 4 deaths and more than a dozen injuries to date.
  • Which vehicles fall under the recall? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a current list that can be found here: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  
  • Are there other claims outside of personal injury? The recall has also caused economic losses to owners of the affected vehicles, namely a possible diminution in value of the automobile, a class action for owners affected by the recall is being investigated.

What do I do if I have a recalled vehicle?

First, call your dealer to find out the procedure they have implemented for fixing your vehicle and second, if you know anyone who has one of these vehicles, please contact the personal injury lawyers at KaplunMarx  – we will have our automotive defect team investigate to determine if you have a claim.
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