According to a recent study by Allstate Insurance, the answer is… No, but Philadelphia ranks as the eighth worst drivers in the US.

The Statistics

According to Allstate’s Annual Best Drivers Report study shows that the average driver in Philadelphia will be involved in a automobile accident every 6.2 years, making Philadelphia drivers 61.2% more likely to be involved in an automobile accident compared to the average driver in the U.S.  Allstate hopes the study does not discourage Philadelphia drivers but encourages them to drive safer – obviously Allstate is completely altruistic in its goals… Or the study allows them to charge higher premiums to Philadelphia drivers and make more money. Maybe I am a bit cynical as a Philadelphia car accident lawyer, but I always say follow the money, especially when dealing with insurance companies that hold their bottom line near and dear to their hearts.

So I live and drive in Philadelphia, I should sell my car now? No, you should obey the rules of the road, don’t text and drive, obey the speed limit and all things that go along with safe driving, but you didn’t need Allstate’s study to tell you something that is common sense. Often we see Philadelphia automobile accidents where people were obeying all the rules of the road, but are involved in an accident because the other driver was negligent – in that case contact a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer at KaplunMarx, “you will be in good hands”.

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Source: See the Allstate Insurance Study here.