This past week brought us a crazy SEPTA bus accident caused by [an] unbuckled driver – this has got to be a first, even for those exceptional drivers at SEPTA. The video below is unbelievable, it shows the SEPTA bus driver sliding out of her seat when trying to make a U-turn on Columbus Blvd. (Delaware Ave), causing her to lose control the bus. The SEPTA bus jumped the curb, landing on the train tracks, luckily no trains were active on the tracks, however, as the video shows, the SEPTA riders were thrown from their seats and injured.

Does SEPTA require its drivers to wear a seat-belt when driving a bus?

Yes, this is a requirement by SEPTA, but as can be seen by this SEPTA bus accident, it is not followed and/or stringently enforced. The SEPTA bus driver was a 10 year veteran, but she did not take the seat-belt requirement seriously enough. As the video shows, SEPTA riders were violently thrown from their seats as a result of this accident. 2 riders and the driver were injured in this SEPTA bus accident, which happened at 6PM, if it happened a bit earlier, with more riders this could have been a complete disaster.

This SEPTA bus accident is just the most recent example of safety rules not being followed by SEPTA drivers. An easy possible fix adding a sensor that will beep incessantly, like my car does, if the SEPTA driver does not put on a seat-belt or maybe adding seat-belts for passengers, something I am not clear why SEPTA does not do. This incident comes on the heels of the recent SEPTA mirror design flaw causing injuries to pedestrians, along with our taking a look at the Painted Yellow Line issue at SEPTA train stations –  a few seemingly easy fixes, but neither addressed to date.

SEPTA bus accidents happen on a daily basis, there are special rules when you are injured and need to bring legal action against SEPTA. Specifically, because SEPTA is a State Agency, and they have a notice provision if you intend to bring an injury claim. For more information on why you should choose our law firm for your personal injury claim, see our Philadelphia SEPTA bus accident lawyer page.