The construction industry is without question among the most dangerous for workers because of the many hazards that are inherently present in construction sites. Construction fatalities and injuries tend to go up or down depending on the economy and extent of construction activity that is going on nationwide. However, it still remains one of the most dangerous industries. A majority of construction accident fatalities are still caused by falls, struck-by incidents, caught in/between incidents and electrocutions – together known as the “Fatal Four” in the construction industry.

It can be argued that new technology has helped reduce the number of injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. But the degree to which new safety technologies is actually implemented in construction sites vary widely depending on the scale of the project, the construction companies and contractors involved.

New, Upcoming Technologies

There are several new technologies that hold promise when it comes to protecting construction workers. Here is just a quick list of technologies that are saving lives in the construction industry:

Drones: In the past decade, drones have been used to scope out work sites. Drones are extremely helpful in the sense that they can go places and see things we humans cannot. Construction companies are able to compare footage from the drones to look at any workplace safety concerns.
Exoskeletons: Think Iron Man. These suits are being developed so workers can carry objects of use heavy tools for a longer time without stress and strain on their bodies. These suits essentially use sensors and motors to help workers lift heavy objects so they don’t get injured on the job.
VR simulators: Virtual reality simulators have been used with great success to train pilots, surgeons and even soldiers. They could be used to train construction workers to operate cranes, weld and even do masonry work. VR can also be used to provide safety training so workers can get exposed to what it feels like to be in confined spaces or working from higher elevations in a controlled environment.

We Live in the Real World

There has been a great amount of technological advancement when it comes to the construction industry in terms of fall prevention devices and other safety equipment. However, we don’t see the number of fall-related deaths and injuries dropping significantly because of that. The real question is what employers are doing to train workers with regard to safety and safety equipment. Are employers fostering a work environment that upholds worker safety? And will employers invest in groundbreaking technology to ensure worker safety? These are some of the important questions that must be raised here.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident in Pennsylvania, please remember that you do have legal rights to compensation. As a construction worker, you have a right to work in an environment that is safe and healthy. Our Pennsylvania construction accident lawyers will help you understand your options and assist you with securing maximum compensation for all your losses. Call us for a complimentary consultation and case evaluation.