An article published on 11/18/2013, in this weeks Philadelphia Daily News discussed plans for making Roosevelt Blvd. safer, which as a person who commutes on this stretch of road daily, is unquestionably a good idea. The article cites a plan from the Central Northeast District to improve mass transit and making the road safe for ‘drivers, pedestrians and cyclists’. Specifically, the plan calls for ‘strengthening commercial centers’ throughout Northeast Philadelphia; while that may be a boon for the local economy, it does not seem to address the major issue here: how can we cut down on the voluminous amount of car accidents on Roosevelt Blvd. which happen on a daily basis?

Do a Google search for accidents on Roosevelt Blvd. and you will see the shocking amount of results and horrific accidents that occur on this road daily. A random click will bring you to an October 1, 2013 story about a wrong-way driver involved in a car accident on Roosevelt Blvd. which resulted in the killing a mother of 5, or even more recent, the July 2013 alleged drag racing car accident on Roosevelt Blvd. which resulted in the death of a mother and her 3 young children. Furthermore, State Farm Insurance has released a study that names Red Lion Road & Roosevelt Blvd.  and Grant Avenue & Roosevelt Blvd. as numbers 2 and 3 most dangerous intersections in the United States.

Philadelphia City Council’s response to this data was to install red-light camera’s, and then install some more red-light camera’s, while these red-light camera’s certainly help with city funding, how much these help with preventing car accidents on Roosevelt Blvd. is debatable. As any Philadelphia resident who drives on Roosevelt Blvd. can plainly see car accidents occur there on a daily basis; if you or someone you know is involved in a accident on Roosevelt Blvd. here are 10 key points to remember if you are involved in a car accident and use the information provided by your Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at KaplunMarx, PLLC. The takeaway from this article is that real change on Roosevelt Blvd. is needed; an idea that is outside the box, which could effectively cut down car accidents on Roosevelt Blvd., because red-light camera’s and retrofitting commercial centers does not seem like a solution to this problem.