This weekend a New Jersey man, who was arguing with his girlfriend and involved in a car accident, fled the scene of the accident. His reasoning, to get away from yelling girlfriend, or what not to do after being involved in a car accident. See: //

While I may feel for the guy, running away from the scene and his yelling girlfriend, may have provided him with some temporary relief – he has opened himself up to NJ criminal charges, like leaving the scene of an accident and failure to report, NJ code 39:4-129 and 39:4-130 respectively. Furthermore, your insurance carrier could deny coverage if you leave the scene of an accident because your insurance company makes it your duty to report all accidents or you may be in breach of your insurance contract. Below is a list of 5 things to do if you are involved in a New Jersey car accident:

Things To Do if you are Involved in a New Jersey Car Accident?

  1. STOP! New Jersey and Pennsylvania state laws require that a driver involved in an accident stop and stay at the scene to exchange info with anyone involved. This applies regardless of whether your girlfriend if screaming at you or not.
  2. Call the Police and get medical attention for any injuries. If there is an injury or death because of the automobile accident you must report the accident to the Police, but notifying the police, who will make a report of the accident, will provide clarity.
  3. You have a cell phone camera, use it. The better you document the accident scene, and your injuries can only help you through this process.
  4. Report the accident to your auto insurance carrier, there is language in every insurance contract I have looked at that states that not reporting an accident can constitute a breach and they can try to not provide coverage.
  5. Sign nothing, say nothing. After reporting the accident you will get calls from insurance adjusters and the like – say nothing, they are not always there to help you, like the may say – here is the time you need to speak with a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney. Luckily, KaplunMarx helps clients throughout New Jersey, contact us immediately so that we can protect your rights.

These 5 things to do if you are involved in a New Jersey car accident are helpful tips, but there are always more considerations to discuss. The takeaway, do not run away! Leaving the scene of an accident, to get away from your girlfriend or otherwise, is not the right decision and will only lead to NJ criminal charges and/or NJ traffic offenses – while at KaplunMarx we are a New Jersey Criminal Defense Law Firm, we hope to provide our readers this blog post will serve to help them stay out of this trouble. Remember, leave the toxic relationship, not the scene of a car accident!