Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton was involved in a two-vehicle car accident on Tuesday, December 9, 2014. Reports are that Cam Newton’s pickup truck flipped over multiple times; the car accident scene, along with medical staff attending to the injured parties below:
Cam Newtown’s Car Accident at Dangerous Road / Intersection.
According to local reporter Brad Panovic, this car accident occurred at an intersection that is known to be dangerous.

Cam Newton’s Fractured Back and Other Damages:

Unfortunately, Cam Newton is not really ‘Superman’ as his nickname suggest, he suffered two transverse fractures in his lower back, the technical explanation of this fracture is discussed here. From the perspective of a personal injury lawyer, damages from a car accident, are looked at in total when evaluating the value of an injury claim – some of these factors include, how bad is the injury? how much rehabilitation is involved? is there permanency? how much wages are lost? among others. If Cam had been hurt worse, these numbers could be astronomical because of his age and profession – hopefully, professional athletes understand that their body is their most important tool, directly related to their earning capacity and get insurance coverage in place to protect themselves if the unexpected, like Cam Newton’s car accident, happen.

States Responsibility to Design and Maintain Safe Roads

State agencies, such as NCDOT in North Carolina or PENNDOT in Pennsylvania, are tasked with the duty to design, care for, and maintain roadways.  That means that the States Department of Transportation has a duty to inspect, warn of unsafe conditions – after getting notice, and to make repairs to roadways. A lawsuit can be brought against a DOT or other agency based on negligence, specifically, there was a breach of duty, which proximate cause of an injury. I am sure that Cam Newtown’s legal team will investigate the causes relating to his car accident, including if NCDOT or other agency knew or should have known that this was a dangerous intersection, which may lead to legal action against the State and/or the State Agency who could have corrected this dangerous condition.

How Should I Know if my Car Accident Happened on an Unsafe Roadway?

That is where you need a Top Personal Injury Law Firm to examine your car accident, including all of the factors involved. Records of other accidents on the roadway, complaints of the dangerous condition prior, and more need to be examined to determine if you have a case against the State or a State Agency. My suggestion speaks to a car accident law firm that will go through the process and look at all possible ways to get you fairly compensated for your car accident case.