Car vs Pedestrian – everyone knows who wins this “battle” – but, year after year there are multiple new reports of Philadelphia pedestrian traffic accidents. This begs the question, are these pedestrian traffic accidents on the rise in Philadelphia? Statistically, car accidents involving pedestrians only account for 3% of all traffic accident injuries, however, pedestrians involved in these type accidents account for an astounding 14% of all traffic accident fatalities (See: U.S. DOT  2012 Traffic Safety Facts). However, as recently as May of 2014, a University of Pennsylvania student was walking on an overpass along Walnut Street, when he tried to jump out of the way of a traffic accident, but was thrown from the overpass to the ground 38 feet below. Unfortunately, this young man passed away shortly after this pedestrian traffic accident (See: NBC Philadelphia Report – Pedestrian Tossed from Overpass After Car Crash).  

Why do Pedestrian Traffic Accidents Happen:

The list below discusses the most common, but not all, of the reasons for Pedestrian traffic accidents:

  • Electronics – We are in the age of the smart phone, both pedestrians and even drivers become transfixed in their device and fail to pay attention,
  • Bigger is better – SUV’s, buses, work trucks, tractor-trailers, etc. are commonplace on the road, especially in the heart of Philadelphia, the sight-lines can make it difficult to see pedestrians,
  • Drinking – Statistics reported in the above 2012 traffic safety study, show that pedestrian traffic accidents occurred when the driver or pedestrian was impaired in 48% of all pedestrian traffic accidents resulting in death. It is not only drunk drivers, but drink pedestrians that are at greater risk,
  • Dark Clothes – Statistically 70% of pedestrian traffic accidents happen at night, dark clothing heightens that risk.

Are Pedestrian Traffic Accidents on the Rise?

It is hard to determine if they are on the rise, but it would seem to be the case from the evidence we have discussed. Philadelphia’s Action News maintains a ‘Pedestrian Struck’ web page on their web site which shows the latest reports of these incidents. Taking a quick look at the page shows report after report of Philadelphia pedestrian traffic accidents, many ending in death.

What Should I Do if I am Involved in a Pedestrian Traffic Accident?

Always get medical attention first, then contact the Philadelphia Personal Injury Law Firm of KaplunMarx immediately. Traffic accidents involving pedestrians require a quick response, we need to investigate the accident scene, talk to any witnesses and preserve all evidence – do not wait to contact us 24/7.