There are many Philadelphia personal injury lawyers out there, some are very good, some not so much. Some Philadelphia personal injury firms want to put in the least amount of effort in on your case and don’t want to put their time and money into it; these are called ‘personal injury settlement mills’. These ‘settlement mills’, many of whom you may recognize from mid-day or late night TV advertisements, will often churn a personal injury case to settlement well before it should have been settled, often costing the injured a great deal of money they should have recovered. This blog will attempt to provide some 5 TIPS that are important to keep in mind when searching for and selecting a personal injury lawyer to represent you.

TIP #1 – Avoid the personal injury lawyer who won’t explain the process.

What your personal injury lawyer is doing for you should never be a big secret and if it is, it certainly raises a red flag. As a client you have a right to stay informed –  this means you should be given all the details upfront about attorney fees, average processing time and possible settlements. This also includes updates along the way.

TIP #2 – Don’t hire an attorney if you can’t communicate with them directly.

Communication plays an integral role in the process of a personal injury case; if you can’t communicate with your lawyer directly, you should not hire them. Why? Throughout the process of a personal injury case, you will need to tell the attorney and/or law firm staff about your level of injury, doctor appointments, status and settlement expectations. Get a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and who will communicate with you.

TIP #3 – Only choose a personal injury lawyer who bills injury cases on a contingent fee agreement.

A contingent fee agreement is a system in which your lawyer receives a percentage of your settlement as payment – This means that if you don’t win your case, you owe your lawyer nothing.  A contingent fee works as motivation if the client gets nothing the lawyer, and law firm is paid nothing for the time and costs they may have invested into the case.

TIP #4 – Will the personal injury lawyer, and law firm, go to trial? or do they settle the majority of cases?

Obviously, you want an attorney who is successful. Look at the personal injury lawyer and the law firms track record. Do they have a history of securing favorable verdicts and settlements? Is the lawyer, and law firm, willing to file a lawsuit and go to trial if they feel they are not being offered proper value for the personal injury case? Not surprisingly, insurance companies keep records on lawyers and law firms, telling them who will go to court with guns blazing or who will shrink when it comes time to put up or shut up. Select a personal injury lawyer, and law firm, that will go all the way in their attempt to secure you the best outcome for your personal injury case.

TIP #5 – Go with your gut when hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Don’t hire a lawyer if your gut is sending you warning signals; a “bad feeling” is usually the first sign that you are picking the wrong personal injury lawyer. Your comfort level with your injury lawyer, their staff, and the law firm, mean everything when pursuing a personal injury claim.

When searching for a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer, keep these 5 tips in mind, they will help you pick the right one and give you a better chance to end up with a successful result once your case is over.
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