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It is not uncommon for a parent to go to great lengths to keep their kids healthy and safe. However, sometimes there is no amount of cautiousness or supervision that can prevent an accident that results in severe harm to a child. Like adults, when a minor suffers an injury due to the negligence of another party, they may be entitled to recover compensation. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can aid you in seeking compensation for applicable damages.

If a minor gets hurt, it could lead to significant medical expenses or damages that last a lifetime. A Norristown child injury lawyer can help fight for the legal rights of you and your child.

What Makes a Norristown Minor Injury Case Unique?

Children are entitled to compensation for their damages like adults, however, there are several key differences between an injury claim for a minor and one for an adult. For instance, a minor is not permitted to file a lawsuit and serve as a plaintiff on their own. Instead, their guardian must pursue the lawsuit for the child’s harm on their behalf and serve as the plaintiff in the case.

Another difference relates to the statute of limitations, or the deadlines, for a lawsuit like this. State lawsuits like this must be filed within two years of the occurrence of the accident, or the case may be barred by the court.

Under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5533, state law carves out a critical exception to the typical statute of limitations relating to hurt minors while they are under the age of 18 years old. The statute of limitations for an unemancipated kid who is under the age of 18 years old does not start until the hurt person’s 18th birthday. A knowledgeable child injury attorney in Norristown understands the complexities of lawsuit deadlines and can help a plaintiff navigate the details of one.

Compensation in a Hurt Child Claim

Compensation following harm to a minor varies significantly based on the circumstances surrounding the accident and the harm caused. There are several factors that a Norristown minor injury attorney evaluates to help determine the value of a case like this.

One significant factor in determining compensation is the party that is liable for the kid’s harm. Often, parties carry insurance policies that may provide compensation for claims like this. Another factor relates to the cost of a minor’s medical care and treatment following an accident, which include:

  • Emergency medical care
  • Surgeries and other procedures
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Physical, psychological, and occupational therapy
  • In-home care

The expenses for medical care and treatment might also be a factor in the calculation of pain and suffering damages. A hurt child may also place severe financial burdens on a family, which can be a substantial factor in determining the compensation in a case like this.

Speak with a Norristown Child Injury Attorney Today

Some of the most devastating types of damages can occur in a family when a child gets hurt. Seeing your kid suffer due to the negligence of another person may cause anger, frustration, and a need for justice.

A Norristown child injury lawyer can fight by your side to hold the liable party responsible for their negligence and recover fair compensation for the severe harm done to your kid. Call today to discuss your case and find answers to your questions.

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