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Drug manufacturers are legally obligated to produce prescription and over-the-counter medication that is safe to use. If manufacturers, pharmacists, and other individuals involved in medication distribution do not adhere to safety regulations or ignore errors that pose dangers to the public, they could be liable for any resulting harm. If you suffered from any serious health issues because of medication, you may wish to contact a Bala Cynwyd dangerous drugs lawyer.

Harmful drugs do not help the user heal from injuries and illnesses or manage existing conditions. Instead, they can make them worse, or cause additional health issues, resulting in further complications and even fatalities. Our Bala Cynwyd Dangerous Drugs Lawyers are here to help you obtain compensation for damages such as ongoing medical costs, including new medication and physical therapy, as well as lost wages, mental anguish, and pain and suffering. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Drug Laws in Bala Cynwyd

Under 35 Pennsylvania Statutes Title Health and Safety § 780-113, the state prohibits a wide range of acts including manufacturing, selling, or delivering misbranded, contaminated, or otherwise altered drugs. Only registered pharmacists in licensed pharmacies have the right to manufacture, distribute, and sell drugs assuming they adhere to state sanitation laws and other safety regulations.

According to the Pennsylvania Wholesale Prescription Drug Distributors License Act, wholesale drug distributors must also follow strict guidelines to sell medication in the state. The act provides strict guidelines for wholesaler licensing and renewals, drug storage, drug examination, maintaining records, and handling drugs that are returned, outdated, or damaged. For example, drug distributors are required to visually inspect all shipping containers for contamination. Any drugs with broken seals or related damage must be separated from other prescriptions and quarantined until they are returned to the supplier or destroyed.

If drug distributors violate any of these regulations, they could be held financially liable for any harm caused by the medications. Bala Cynwyd Dangerous Drugs Lawyers could investigate whether a violation resulted in a medication becoming harmful to a consumer.

Establishing Liability in Hazardous Drug Cases in Bala Cynwyd

Manufacturers, wholesalers, testing laboratories, pharmaceutical sales representatives, and pharmacists who violate PA drug laws could all potentially be at fault for a dangerous medication. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who knowingly prescribe defective drugs or fail to review the patient’s allergies and health conditions before issuing medication are also subject to lawsuits.

For a plaintiff to win a defective drug case in Bala Cynwyd, their lawyer must prove the direct correlation between the medication and the claimant’s harm. Everyone in the distribution chain must be reviewed to determine where the error occurred and how it connects to the plaintiff’s health problem. These cases are often complicated as numerous parties could carry some liability, so it is important to seek skilled legal counsel from the onset of a case.

Common Dangerous Prescription Drugs

New drugs are being classified as harmful every day. However, some common medications that have been linked to harmful side effects include:

  • Limbrel — linked to lung damage
  • Xarelto — linked to uncontrollable bleeding and premature death
  • Zofran — linked to cardiac and facial birth defects
  • Acotos — linked to bladder cancer
  • Viagra — linked to melanoma
  • Testosterone therapy — linked to heart attacks

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If you have dealt with health complications from a hazardous medication, talk to a Bala Cynwyd dangerous drugs lawyer at your earliest convenience. Our team of experienced attorneys could review your case to determine if you have grounds to file a civil claim. If so, we could provide trustworthy guidance and protect your best interests in either settlement negotiations or in court.  Call our Bala Cynwyd Dangerous Drugs Lawyers today to get started.

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