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Sustaining a severe burn injury can be as traumatic psychologically as it is physically. Burns can inflict immense pain and may also cause severe permanent damage that could require extensive time and medical treatments for the victim to recover.

If you have recently suffered severe burns in an accident due to another’s negligence, a well-practiced personal injury attorney can help you file a claim for damages against the responsible party. A knowledgeable Bala Cynwyd burn injury lawyer can fight for your rights and fervently pursue your claim on your behalf.

What are the Different Degrees of Burns?

When an area of the body is burned, diagnosis primarily concerns the degree of severity of the burn. Burns are typically classified as first-degree, second-degree, third-degree, or fourth-degree with first-degree burns on the milder side of the scale, such as serious sunburns or surface burns, and fourth-degree burns being some of the most severe resulting in damage to the muscle and bone. The deeper the wound goes, and the more layers of skin and flesh damaged by the burn, the more severe it becomes.

Along with the burn’s degree of severity, the specific cause may also be part of the diagnosis and will assist in determining the appropriate treatment of the injury. For instance, treatment for a burn sustained in a housefire will not be the same as a burn resulting from radiation exposure or a corrosive chemical burn. Following the burn diagnosis, a seasoned Bala Cynwyd lawyer with experience handling burn injury claims could evaluate the injury’s extent and estimate what the potentially recoverable damages may be.

Determining Fault in Burn Injury Claims

In cases where an injury results from someone else’s careless or reckless conduct, the injured party can hold the negligent actor liable for the subsequent damages if they are able to establish defendant negligence. A claimant must prove that the responsible party owed them a duty of care, there was a breach of that duty by the defendant, and that violation caused the burn injury and subsequent losses.

However, a court is obligated to assess the actions of each party in an injury suit and assign a percentage of blame to each. In a modified comparative negligence state, such as Pennsylvania, the compensation awarded may be subject to limitations if a claimant is found to be partially liable.

Under 42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 7102(a), a plaintiff whose injuries were due in part to their own misconduct may still be permitted to recover damages from the negligent party, so long as their percentage of fault does not exceed that of the defendant. Depending on how at fault a court finds the injured party to be, the amount of damages the court awards may be significantly reduced by the percentage of fault the injured party bears. Therefore, it is imperative to seek guidance from an experienced injury attorney from the area to prove the burn injuries were caused primarily by the defendant.

Seek Help from a Bala Cynwyd Burn Injury Attorney

In addition to the permanent disfigurement, extensive nerve damage, and prolonged recovery time severe burns could entail, they also carry a substantial financial burden of medical costs and treatment. Handling these cases on your own can be overwhelming.

If you have incurred devastating harm from a burn-related injury, legal recourse may be available. To discover what could come of your injury claim, contact a Bala Cynwyd burn injury lawyer today.

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