Motorists are required to observe the same driving rules when sharing the road with bicyclists as they do with other vehicles. However, a driver may fail to uphold their legal obligation to drive safely and with reasonable care. If this happens and a bicyclist is in the driver’s path, a catastrophic accident could occur. A Bala Cynwyd bicycle accident lawyer could give you your best chance for financial recovery if you have sustained injuries in a bike wreck.

A personal injury attorney with a thorough understanding of the laws governing your potential claim could evaluate your accident to determine whether you might be owed damages. A lawyer could fight relentlessly on your behalf to win the most possible compensation for your financial, physical, and emotional harm.

Common Causes of Bicycle Wrecks in Bala Cynwyd

While bicycle collisions can happen for a several reasons, the most common cause is human error. A negligent motorist could strike a cyclist by:

  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Talking on the phone while driving
  • Night driving
  • Driving fatigued
  • Texting while driving
  • Driving at excessive speeds
  • Failing to properly share the road with a bicyclist

Other factors that can lead to a serious crash between a car and a bicyclist include improper lane changes, careless driving, following too closely, failing to leave sufficient space when overtaking a cyclist, and disobeying posted traffic signs and signals. When a driver does not meet their legal duty and fails to operate their vehicle in a reasonably safe manner, they could be liable if they negligently hit and injure a bicyclist. A Bala Cynwyd accident attorney could evaluate the factors involved in an injured cyclist’s case and work hard to prove the liability of the negligent party or parties.

What Compensation is Available to Injured Bikers?

Bicycle crashes can result in catastrophic harm such as burns, amputations, internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Due to the high exposure of bikers, a collision between a cyclist and a vehicle often results in significant monetary losses, in addition to emotional and physical trauma.

A Bala Cynwyd lawyer would spare no effort in seeking full compensation for someone’s monetary losses from a bicycle collision. An injured cyclist may be entitled to damages for lost wages, hospital bills, surgery costs, medication expenses, doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, and other economic losses incurred as a result of the wreck. An experienced attorney could also help a cyclist injured in a crash pursue monetary compensation for their non-economic losses, such as future wage loss, emotional anguish, scarring, disfigurement, pain, and suffering damages.

Statutory Requirements to File a Civil Claim

42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 5524 limits the amount of time a claimant could seek financial compensation. In the context of a bicycle crash claim, the cyclist would have up to two years from the date the negligent driver injures them to pursue a legal remedy.

Speak with a Bala Cynwyd Bicycle Accident Attorney

A Bala Cynwyd bicycle accident lawyer could help you construct a powerful claim for damages against the driver responsible for your injuries. An attorney could fight hard for positive case results if you or a family member has sustained harm at the hand of a negligent or reckless motorist. Call our office today for a confidential review of your claim.