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Have You Been in a Car Accident in Allentown, PA?

Being in a car accident is awful and trying to deal with everything- like medical visits, insurance claims, and car repair or replacement- is even worse. Of course, car accidents wouldn't happen in a perfect world, but statistics tell us that isn't realistic. The good news is that you don't have to handle it all by yourself. A skilled accident and injury lawyer can take much of that stress off your shoulders. Having someone fighting for you after a car accident who doesn't just talk the talk but brings decades of experience handling personal injury cases is crucial. Having the right representation after an accident can make all the difference in your case and your stress levels.

The Allentown, PA, car accident lawyers at KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers will not back down and can help you throughout each step of your case.

We are not simply some call center processing claims like the tv lawyers. Instead, we are a personal injury law firm in Allentown with a skilled legal team that's accessible, professional, and easy to work with.

We will never pressure you into accepting a settlement that leaves you dissatisfied, and if necessary, we will represent your interests in court. Discover what our experienced Allentown, PA, car accident lawyers at KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers could do for your claim. Contact us today for a free case review!


What to Do After a Car Accident in Allentown, PA

At KaplunMarx, we know it can be very confusing after an unexpected, traumatic event like a car crash - but it is important to protect yourself by taking the proper steps afterward.

So, here's what you need to do:

  • Immediately after checking that you and your fellow passengers are safe, dial 911. Once the police arrive, remain on the scene. In Pennsylvania, leaving the scene of an accident (except to seek emergency medical attention) is a serious crime. Exchanging insurance and contact information with the other drivers is essential.
  • Start collecting evidence at the scene. Photograph the scene, property damage, and injuries, if any are visible. Find witnesses and try to get their contact information. You can also look around the area for surveillance cameras - waiting too long to secure the footage can risk it disappearing in a few days.
  • Getting an accident report from the police is also important. The police report won't be immediately available but get the name and badge number of the investigator, as well as the investigating agency so that you can get the report in the future.
  • Keep your comments short and stick to the facts when speaking to anyone else at the scene. Do not offer any admissions of fault or an apology (which may be taken as an admission of fault).
  • Get medical help immediately, regardless of whether you feel sore or not. You may not feel pain or think you have any injuries right after a car accident, but you could still need treatment. Find your nearest hospital in Allentown and get checked out by a doctor who can run tests to ensure that there are no internal injuries. Tell your health care provider about your symptoms and ensure you get any needed tests or follow-up appointments. It is the best thing you can do for your health and protect your injury claim. The top-rated hospitals in Allentown, PA, are Lehigh Valley Hospital and St. Luke's Hospital.

Finally, call a car accident lawyer before speaking to any insurance companies. Get in touch with us immediately so we can begin documenting your accident and start building your case without losing any valuable evidence.

Do I Need a Lawyer After an Allentown Car Accident?

After a car accident, the biggest mistake someone can make is assuming that their insurance adjuster will settle for a fair amount, and that they don't need an attorney. But unfortunately, this just doesn't happen.

Statistically speaking, without an attorney, people receive far less money for their car accident claim, than those who are represented by an attorney (even when including legal fees!).

Insurance companies and their adjusters are focused on settling claims for as little money as possible. The truth is, they really don't care if you've racked up medical bills and lost income. Even if you are in pain and have many physical hurdles to overcome before making a full recovery, they won't care. Why? Because their job is to pay you as little as possible after an accident, and they want to keep their job.

The insurance company's goal is to limit your compensation as much as possible because that's how they make money as a For-Profit company. So, they may use many sneaky tricks to minimize your payout.

Insurance adjusters typically make immediate "low-ball" settlement offers to accident victims, which is one of their most common tactics. Their goal is to make the offer before victims are aware of the extent of their injuries or have had time to consult with a car accident attorney about their legal rights. Once you have signed the settlement papers to receive the money they offer, you can no longer file any additional claims if more injuries are found- and they know this

It is also possible that the insurance company may try to drag the process out by requiring extensive amounts of paperwork and mysteriously delaying action. They may do this for two reasons:

  1. If you wait two years from the date of the accident without filing a lawsuit, the statute of limitations could run out and prevent you from getting any compensation. The insurance company may try to make you miss this deadline.
  2. Even if they cannot drag out your case for that long, they hope to wear you down so you will give up and accept whatever they offer.

Getting a lawyer who understands the system and can use it to your advantage is the best way to fight back. Call the experienced team at KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers in Allentown, PA, today.

How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer in Allentown, PA

When choosing a car accident lawyer in Allentown to represent you, there are many factors to consider. A few things to look for in a lawyer in Allentown include:

  • Providing free initial consultations
  • Knowledge of state and federal laws and their impact on your case
  • Experience with similar car crash cases
  • Successful outcomes in similar cases and client reviews on Google
  • Understanding of your medical condition
  • Understanding how the accident and injury affect you on a personal and professional level
  • Experience negotiating with insurance companies and advocating on your behalf
  • Ability to gather sufficient evidence and prepare your case for trial

Being represented by an Allentown car accident attorney offers many benefits. Contact our Allentown car accident lawyers at KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers to discuss your case today.

Why Should I Hire KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers in Allentown, PA?

Don't let the insurance adjuster decide what you deserve. They have a whole team of lawyers working to minimize your settlement, so you shouldn't have to navigate this process alone and risk being caught off guard. Instead, make it a level playing field with a two-sided negotiation by hiring an Allentown car accident lawyer. The attorneys at our firm know how to negotiate with the insurance companies to get the compensation you deserve from a car accident injury claim. We are committed to getting you the best outcome possible.

When you suffer an injury in a car accident, choosing a lawyer to represent you is one of the most important decisions you can make. 

We have handled thousands of car accident cases at KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers in Allentown, PA. Insurance companies take our cases seriously and pay our clients top dollar for their cases because they know our car accident lawyers won't back down all the way to trial.

How a Car Accident Attorney in Allentown Can Help You from Start to Finish After Your Car Wreck

As car accident lawyers in Allentown, we aim to help you build a strong case and guide you throughout the process.

First, you must prove that the crash caused your injuries. Insurance companies never want to admit liability, even in the cases of the most apparent negligence. Instead, they almost always dispute the extent of injuries or claim they were pre-existing. The best lawyers know how to document and present their clients' injury claims.

Each car accident case is reviewed in-depth by our attorneys. They will collect accident reports and medical records to build a solid case for your injury claim.

Most of the time, we will be able to negotiate a fair settlement, but we are always prepared to go to trial if necessary. Insurance companies need an incentive to settle and are often unwilling to risk facing us in court.

Let KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers in Allentown, PA, handle the legal process through negotiation or litigation so that you can focus on healing.

What Pennsylvania's No-Fault System is and What It Means for You

Pennsylvania law requires that all motorists carry a minimum level of auto insurance:
• $5,000 for medical benefits
• $15,000 per person for liability coverage
• $30,000 per accident for liability coverage

Pennsylvania's No-Fault Auto Insurance Act requires your own insurance company to pay your medical bills up to those no-fault limits, even if someone else caused your injuries.
If your medical bills and lost wages exceed these amounts, you may have the right to seek compensation and damages for pain and suffering.

Determining How Much Your Allentown Car Accident Claim Is Worth

There is no direct calculation to determine the value of a car accident claim, however, you should take a look at our free ebook: 10 secrets that could impact the settlement of your car crash case as a guide. As stated in the Pennsylvania Suggested Standard Jury Instructions, the damages awarded in a car accident claim should represent a figure that a jury believes "will fairly and adequately compensate the plaintiff for all injury sustained as a result of the accident." In other words, the value of your claim depends on how severe the injuries are and the impact those injuries have on your life.

No magic wands or time machines can erase the emotional, physical, and financial harm suffered by an Allentown car accident victim. Claims are resolved by putting a dollar value on that harm and compensating the victim for the damage caused to their property, health, and lifestyle. For example, you can recover both economic (or dollar-related) damages in a car accident and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. Our attorneys may be able to help you pursue the following types of damages in an Allentown car accident claim:

• Lost wages and diminished earning capacity: You should be able to get your lost wages reimbursed if you could not work following an injury or were in the hospital. If you are permanently disabled and need to work "light duty" and reduce your income, you should also be compensated for these future earnings.

• Past and future medical expenses: This includes everything from the ambulance ride to the hospital to surgeries and follow-up care that may take years. For example, if you suffer a knee injury, you might be able to recover compensation for a knee replacement, even if the surgery is years away. The compensation for medical expenses should cover all costs associated with your accident, including surgery, physical therapy, medication, medical devices, and any other expenses incurred due to your injury.

• Home or vehicle modifications: You may be able to recover compensation for changes needed to accommodate a permanent injury or disability.

• Pain and suffering: These terms refer to both mental and emotional suffering. The pain we experience is often hard to quantify because it's so personal. Pain and suffering awards can be based on all relevant evidence, including medical records and the opinions of medical experts, as well as your self-assessment of your pain.

• Lost quality of life: You may be able to recover compensation for loss of quality of life, which means being unable to do the things you love or spend time with your family due to your injuries. An injury can change your life, such as being unable to carry your children because of a shoulder injury. Such losses deserve compensation.

• Punitive damages: You may be able to receive punitive damages if your accident was caused by reckless or intentional conduct. For example, punitive damages are sometimes awarded to victims in cases involving drunk drivers.

Ultimately, your lawyer should work for you to receive maximum dollar compensation from the insurance company. At KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers, we are experienced in negotiating our clients' claims for damages. Since money is the only remedy available in a civil matter, your lawyer must be skilled and thorough in documenting your claim's value. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive every last dollar of legal compensation they are entitled to. Our experience allows us to handle almost any auto accident injury case. That is why choosing the right lawyer is crucial to your injury claim in Allentown, PA.

We Handle All Types of Car Accident Cases in Allentown

We have handled all sorts of car accident cases throughout our years of practicing law. Whatever the type of car accident, a few factors always apply.

  • Limited Tort Accidents: In Pennsylvania, you are allowed to choose limited tort or full tort for your own auto insurance coverage – many people believe that if they have limited tort car insurance they cannot make a claim for injury after a car accident, that is simply not true. Our skilled team of limited tort car accident lawyers in Allentown, PA may be able to help, even if you have limited tort auto coverage.
  • Rear-End Accidents: These are common accidents, but the circumstances surrounding a case can be very complicated. A rear-end accident usually involves clear liability, but your insurer will likely downplay the severity of your injuries, especially if it happened at a slow speed.
  • Head-On Collisions: Insurance companies attempt to minimize the severity of injuries sustained in these crashes. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you obtain the compensation you deserve after a head-on accident.
  • T-Bone Accidents: A side impact can cause severe damage due to the limited protection provided by the side of the vehicle. It's also common for these cases to be contested for liability reasons because the issue of who had the right of way is not always clear. A lawyer with experience can help guide you.
  • Hit-and-Run Accidents: In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to leave the scene of a crash, but some drivers do it anyway. Rely on us to fight for your rights. Whether you need to file an uninsured motorist claim or take on the other driver's insurance company, we're here to help.
  • Distracted Driver Accidents: Pennsylvania has a high number of distracted driving car crashes, many of which happen because someone is staring at their phone instead of paying attention to the roadway. If you are injured because of a distracted driver causing a car accident our team can help hold that person responsible.
  • Lyft and Uber Accidents: The insurance situation becomes very complicated whenever a rideshare company is involved in a crash, as there can be multiple insurance companies involved. Our attorneys are experienced in Pennsylvania law and advocating for your rights in a developing area of law.
  • Commercial Vehicle Accidents: If your case involves a business, you may face the best adjusters and attorneys working for the insurer. We're not scared to take them on.
  • Fatal Car Accidents: If your loved one was killed because of another driver's negligence, we want to help you pursue justice and compensation for the surviving family.

Our goal is to make Allentown a safer place for drivers, so we fight to hold the responsible parties accountable for car accidents. Texting while driving, speeding, and drunk driving can change lives forever. So, we're not only working towards getting justice and compensation for our clients, but we're also helping prevent others from experiencing the same harm. 

File Your Car Accident Case Before the Deadline Expires

In Pennsylvania, legal actions have a deadline. Therefore, we encourage you to file a lawsuit as soon as possible if you want to hold the responsible parties accountable and recover your losses. PA CSA *5524 gives injured victims in Pennsylvania two years to file a lawsuit.

The countdown to the deadline begins when an injury occurs. In order to have your case heard, you must file before the time limit runs out. If you miss the deadline, you may lose your right to seek compensation for your damages and injuries.

It is important to note that this statute of limitations applies to most injury cases, but not all. This limit can be shorter or longer in specific circumstances. If you're unsure about the deadline for your case, call our law firm in Allentown for help.

Get a FREE Case Review with an Allentown Car Accident Lawyer

Do you want to learn more about how our auto accident attorneys could help with your case? Then schedule a free consultation with our car accident lawyers at KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers in Allentown, PA.

During your consultation, we will review the details of your accident and discuss the legal options available to you. We can also answer any questions you may have. If you can't make it to our office - no problem - we'll come to you!

Call KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers in Allentown today at (215) 550-1522.

Frequently Asked Questions About Allentown, PA Car Crashes

How much does a car accident lawyer in Allentown charge?

We at KaplunMarx Accident & Injury Lawyers understand that cost is a major consideration for many people when choosing whether to hire an attorney. We work on a contingency basis, meaning our clients don't pay hourly or upfront fees. As a result of this arrangement, we can get started on your case quickly and relieve you of the burden of paying for legal services in advance.

So, how do we get paid? We receive a percentage of our client's award in exchange for our services, so we only get paid if you do. Before you sign on with us as a client, we will discuss all the details of the contingency fee arrangement with you.

I was in an accident and thought I was fine, but now I feel pain. What should I do?

You should see a doctor as soon as possible. Car accidents can cause injuries that may not be immediately apparent. Also, talk to a lawyer right away. Although waiting to seek medical care after an auto accident could cause complications, you may still be eligible for compensation if someone else's negligence caused your injury.

How does limited tort car insurance affect my auto accident claim?

Limited tort insurance is a lower-cost insurance option available in Pennsylvania. In the event of an accident, this type of policy allows you to recover only a limited amount of compensation, which reduces the insurance premium cost. Unless there is an exception, you can usually only claim compensation for property damage, medical bills, and other out-of-pocket expenses. There is typically no compensation available for pain and suffering.

What should I NOT do after an auto accident?

Never sign any documents the insurance company or the at-fault driver offers. You should not give a recorded statement to the other driver's insurance company without speaking with an injury lawyer first. Also, do not post anything on social media. Even if you believe your posts are private, the insurance company can still find and use your social media posts against you.

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